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2020 debut ep

NEW SINGLE "river"


ep "A tenda universe"
out now


A Tenda Universe Revised.jpg

Their debut single EP, which Torontos iLiveRadio praised as “Criminally slept on” and a “Future classic” was featured on many online platforms and radio stations all over the world, featured a song that charted on the iTunes RnB chart in France and has since amassed an enthusiastic fanbase. Following the release of their debut single “Ralph Wiggum”, Tendavillage has been receiving rave reviews, including one from Atwood Magazine which described it as "a song that exists on a plane of involuntary stank face”.


Based out of Calgary AB, The central creative force behind the group is singer/songwriter Kate Melvina, who writes, produces and edits all the music herself. Many of her influences can be heard throughout, including acts like Stevie Wonder (Kate's hero since she was 15), Prince, D’Angelo and newer artists like Mononeon and Moonchild.

Tendavillage showcases a group of talented musicians passionate about their art with a willingness to be creative and step outside the box. Soulful vocals, hard grooving beats a la dilla and lyrics with a sense of humour, their music weaves through a mixture of genres - from groove//jazz (“Ralph Wiggum”, “Fullness”) to a smoother RnB/neo-soul sound (“Maybe it’s you not me”, “No Way No How”) and then funk (“Bubble Monkey”, “Adam Driver”). 

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